Car Key Replacement

Professional Car Key Replacements

Pro Locksmith Fourways offers quick, professional, and reliable automobile car key replacement services; our team makes use of the latest modern automotive technology and tools in order to furnish our customers with brand new car keys (including electronic and transponder keys,) programming them on the spot for your maximum convenience. Our mobile locksmith vans have all the necessary equipment to make your car key replacements based on the specific technical requirements of your vehicle, including code/transponder chip programming – instantly restoring your access to your car and allowing you convenient service without having to worry about towing or contacting an automotive dealership. We replace all brands, makes, and models of car keys – so you can be sure that from the moment you contact us, your needs will be taken care of in a precise, efficient, and exemplary manner.

Pro Locksmith Fourways Process of Car Key Replacement in Fourways

If you need your car key replacing, you might intuitively call your car dealership, but this is very time consuming and can be costly. It is much better value to ask a professional locksmith like Pro Locksmith Fourways for assistance.

Most current vehicles use an encrypted key for additional security. This makes duplicating keys more difficult, and adds a layer of security to help stop thieves. However, this encryption also makes it more troublesome to replace car keys.

We have special decoding equipment that our skilled locksmith technicians can use to copy and program duplicate keys for almost any car, and are even able to provide replacements for most transponder chips. Our locksmith vehicles are fully kitted out with this equipment, so we can often cut your new key while you wait.
Pro Locksmith Fourways offers fast and affordable car key replacement services in Fourways. We replace all types of car keys: standard car keys, transponder car keys, car remotes and high security and smart keys. Call us 072 480 1885 for all car locksmith needs in Houston.