Safe Opening & Safe Repair

Safe Repair Fourways

Residential safes offer homeowners with the peace of mind in knowing that their valuables are protected. However, what uses are safes if they cannot lock – left vulnerable to burglary – or will not open, blocking access to your valuable property?! The team at Pro Locksmith Fourways understands the importance of having safes repaired or opened rapidly when they are broken or refusing to open – and will arrive instantly on your location to assist you. Simply provide Pro Locksmith Fourways with documentation proving that the safe is your property and our skilled locksmiths will utilize every trick and piece of equipment under their toolbelts to restore your safe access; our years of experience in the field means that when you call us, you can rest easy in knowing that your residential safe opening and repair needs will be handled by the highest quality professionals in Fourways, or anywhere in the locksmithing field.


Safe Opening Fourways

Why You Need to Hire a Professional Locksmith to Open your Safe

When searching for a company to open your safe, it can be difficult to determine which ones are qualified (and will offer professional service) and which will just end up destroying your safe (see pictures below).  In an effort to help you cross off unqualified locksmith companies, Pro Locksmith Fourways have compiled a short list of questions your service provider

  • Do you guarantee your results ?
  • Will you be able to open my safe and put it back into service the same day or will additional trips be required?
  • Will you be able to open my safe without destroying it?
  • Are you familiar with my particular safe and/or do you have experience working with this particular make and model?
  • Will you charge me a fee for your attempt, even if you are unable to open my safe?
  • Do you charge a flat price, ‘Not to Exceed’, or will you quote me an open ended hourly rate?

Pro Locksmith Fourways also offers other safe opening services, including:

  • Combination Recovery
  • Combination Change
  • General Safe Maintenance Services
  • Dial Repair Services
  • Lock Upgrades
  • Battery Changes